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Martial Arts Instructors in Springfield

Shihan Amy Giles

Shihan Amy, owner and head of curriculum, has over two decades of experience. She is a 6th degree Black Belt in Progressive Kenpo Karate and is the highest ranking female Black Belt in the U.S. (4th degree) under Israeli Krav International. She holds 4th degree in Progressive Kupso Ryu Karate and 2nd degree in Jujitsu Style of Budo. She loves sports and is a former collegiate athlete. She's passionate about personal growth and mindset development and enjoys supporting local women in business by highlighting their fashion boutiques on her Facebook page - My Purple Blazer.

Shihan Joe A.

Shihan Joe is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor for the Leadership Team and Tiny Tigers Program. He shares twenty years of experience with his students and is revered as the MASTER of foot trapping! He is a huge baseball and Cubs fan and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and dogs. In addition to his family, he loves pizza, movies and Italian food!

Shihan Tom D.

Shihan Tom is a 5th degree Black Belt and loves utilizing his years of training to helping others both on and off of the mat. He's a jack of all trades and is respected for his fierce locks and fluidity on the ground. He enjoys camping with his wife and dogs, cooking, flying his drone, hunting and fishing and is also a huge Cubs fan!

Sensei Griffin G.

Sensei Griffin is a 2nd degree Black Belt and has been training for 13 years. He is the sparring coach and weapons instructor for the Juniors and is known for his impressive bo staff tricks. He loves music and plays the guitar and saxophone. He also plays competitive baseball and enjoys spending as much time at the Lake (on his boat, skiing and tubing) as possible. He is Shihan Amy's son and deeply loves his martial arts family.


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